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Artisan Stone-Ground Raw Chocolate

Mystic-Chocolate is a whole new line of artisan stone-ground raw chocolates by consciousness explorer and creator of Sweet Raw Joy, Laurie Moritz.

Mystic-Chocolate is a unique combination of flavors, fruits, flower essences, spices, and colors that assist in supporting the Chakra System - the seven energy centers of the human body. It's also infused with the energies of New Earth Energetics NE2 software (, Tensor-Ring-based technology (Brian Besco at and clear quartz crystal.  

Three Ways to In-Joy Mystic-Chocolate - 

Chakra Set - One piece of each Chakra Flavor (7 pcs/pkg)
       Root - Cherry, Cayenne & Five Spice
       Sacral - Mango & Passion Fruit
       Solar Plexus - Banana & Pineapple
       Heart - Pear & Rose
       Throat - Blueberry & Bergamot (citrus fruit used in Earl Grey tea)
       Third Eye - Blackberry & Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes
       Crown - Lemon & Violet

Individual Chakra Flavor - Seven pieces of one Chakra Flavor

Chakra MixesThree pieces of Three Chakras (9 pcs/pkg)
       Higher Self Connection - Root, Crown & Third Eye
       Empathic Stability - Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat
       Creativity - Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus
       Moving Forward - Crown, Root & Sacral
       Intuition Enhancer - Throat, Third Eye & Crown
       Inner Voice - Heart, Throat & Third Eye

Makes a great gift!