Everyone deserves to enjoy the sweet side of life.

That's what inspired Laurie Moritz, creator of Sweet Raw Joy, to share her passion for delicious raw desserts and stone-ground raw chocolates. 

Sweet Raw Joy desserts are full-flavored, nutrient-rich and made with whole food ingredients like nuts, *dates, *coconut oil, *cacao powder, *cacao butter, *coconut butter, *vanilla, *sea salt, *fresh fruits, *coconut palm sugar and *coconut nectar (low-glycemic sweeteners) -- All the stuff your body needs and none of the stuff it doesn't, like wheat (gluten), dairy, high-fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, and soy.  

Stone-ground raw chocolate is her latest passion and joy! Created by hand with just three main ingredients -- *raw cacao butter, *raw cacao powder, and *coconut palm sugar -- ground for 10+ hours, and then infused with Medicine Flower Genuine Flavors Fruit and Flower Extracts.
(*Organic ingredients.)