Everyone deserves to enjoy the sweet side of life.

That's what inspired Laurie Moritz, creator of Sweet Raw Joy, to share her passion for delicious raw desserts and stone-ground raw chocolates. 

Sweet Raw Joy desserts are full-flavored, nutrient-rich and made with whole food ingredients like nuts, *dates, *coconut oil, *cacao powder, *cacao butter, *coconut butter, *vanilla, *sea salt, *fresh fruits, *coconut palm sugar and *coconut nectar (low-glycemic sweeteners) -- All the stuff your body needs and none of the stuff it doesn't, like wheat (gluten), dairy, high-fructose corn syrup, processed sugar, and soy.  

Stone-ground raw chocolate is her latest passion and joy! Created by hand with just three main ingredients -- *raw cacao butter, *raw cacao powder, and *coconut palm sugar -- ground for 10+ hours, and then infused with Medicine Flower Genuine Flavors Fruit and Flower Extracts.
(*Organic ingredients.) 



Some of Our Favorites — (Remember, no flour, sugar, eggs or dairy!)


Triple Chocolate Truffle Pie

Cheesecake-like chocolate cream pie with a walnut-pecan chocolate crust and dark chocolate top layer. Decorated with whole pecan(s).



Chocolate Walnut FYJ 

FYJ is like fudge, only better :) Dark chocolate 'fudge' loaded with chunks of walnuts.


White Chocolate 'Cheesecake' with Raspberry Swirl

Layered rich white chocolate filling swirled with raspberry puree and walnut-pecan dark chocolate crust. Decorated with shaved SRJ raw dark chocolate and dark chocolate heart.  




Lemon 'Cheesecake' with Raspberry Ribbon

Cheesecake-like creamy lemon filling with a 'ribbon' of raspberry puree, walnut-macadamia nut crust and decorated with a single macadamia nut.


Stone-Ground Raw Chocolates 

Smooth raw chocolates made just like the finest chocolate - stone ground. Made with raw organic ingredients and infused with Medicine Flower Genuine Flavor extracts. 


Hazelnut Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies made with SRJ Hazelnut Chocolate Chips and dipped in SRJ Coffee Chocolate. (Infused with Medicine Flower Genuine Flavor coffee and hazelnut extracts.)



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